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"Come Home to Bechyn!"

Czech Heritage Festival


Sponsored by St. Mary's Preservation Association of Bechyn

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St. Mary's Preservation Donations

Your donations are an essential part of the preservation of St. Mary's Church building and grounds.  Proceeds from our annual festival help to fund our annual operation costs such as insurance, fuel, electricity, etc.  Additional donations are greatly appreciated and used for the further cost of preserving the church building itself. Through generous donations and your support at the Czech Heritage Festival, we have been able to do the following maintenance and preservation projects:









Upcoming projects that need to be accomplished:




Donations can be made to our general fund or to a specific project such as St. Mary's Roof Shingling Fundraiser. 









St. Mary's Preservation Association of Bechyn is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Your donations are tax-deductible. 













  • Painting exterior of the Church - 1993, 2008

  • Replace furnace - 1998

  • Painted interior of church (funds provided by estate donation) - 1998

  • Refinished church pews - 1998

  • Replastered basement hall walls - 2001

  • Re-leaded north side stained glass windows - 2001

  • Installed tile drainage system - 2003

  • Bathroom fixtures updates (funds provided by private donation) - 2008, 2014

  • Installed reverse osmossis water system - 2014

  • Installed sewer storage system - 2015

  • Shingle roof of church building

  • Relead south side stained glass windows